The management and coaching staff of the Banshees are delighted to announce the updated list of Irish and U.K. based players who have earned their seats on the plane to Melbourne for IC17.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following:-
– Carolann Cassidy (Ulster Kookaburras)
– Linda Connolly (Wandsworth Demons)
– Molly Cullen (Dublin Angels)
– Laura Flannery (Dublin Angels)
– Aisling Gillespie (Ulster Kookaburras)
– Aine Higgins (Dublin Angels)
– Emma Kelly (Ulster Kookaburras)
– Olivia McCann (Ulster Kookaburras)
– Roisin McFadden (Ulster Kookaburras)
– Rachael McGee (Ulster Kookaburras)
– OnĂ³ra Mulcahy (Wandsworth Demons)
– Sarah O’Donovan (U.C.C. Crusaders)
– Fiona Roarty (Ulster Kookaburras)
– Leona Russell (Ulster Kookaburras)

Ladies – well deserved on being selected but the hard work continues from now until August.

The next batch of players will be named following the upcoming Leprechaun Cup and the London Footy Festival.