Q. How long have you been playing AFL and how did you get involved in Aussie Rules?

I started last January after playing a Compromise Rules game the previous autumn. I didn’t take to it immediately as I squealed after my first tackle but soon got into it.

Q. What aspect of Aussie Rules attracted you to the game?
I really enjoy the physicality of the game. It takes time to get used to the contact aspect of it, especially the off the ball tackles. The adrenaline rush after a game is addictive.

Q. What are you looking forward to most about IC’17
I’m very excited to live and breathe footy for a few weeks. To play at a higher standard to which I’m currently playing is exciting.

Q. What preparation work are you currently doing in advance of the tournament.
Can’t be giving away my secrets! ( or if you want a serious answer)
Trying to get as much game experience and ball skills in the coming season with the Wandsworth Demons will hopefully get me in top form for August.

Q. What is your stand out moment in your AFL career to date?
Though my career has been short and it’s been very sweet, so it’s tough to pick just one. Standing for Amhran na Bhfiann in the green jersey is an absolute privilege. Following that, it was amazing to win the Euro Cup. I think it was the first time I’ve shed tears of joy after a game.

Q. Who has been your toughest component on the footy pitch.and why? 
I wouldn’t want to boost anyone’s ego but If I had to pick it would be GB Swans Captain Laura Turner. She is an influential player on the pitch and doesn’t stop running. Though at times it is hard to keep a straight face when she comes out with inspirational comments to her teammates.

Q. What other sports do you play and how do they compliment AFL?
I played both camogie and football for as long as I can remember and took up rugby last autumn.
There was always a big emphasis put on being able to use both left and right sides in football. Hours spend practicing this have finally paid off as it now comes naturally to use both legs. Though it has to be said it’s much harder to accurately kick the oval ball so I’m working on my punt kick technique.
I was never the most skilful camogie player so I always tried to do the simple things right.
I took up rugby after footy season to maintain fitness. I think it has helped my ability to anticipate where the ball will be.

Name: Onóra / Nors

Age: 27

Clubs: Wandsworth Demons, London

Favourite Position:Ruck Rover (Follower/on the baller)

AFL Honours:
Euro Cup 2016 Winner
European Championship 2016 Runner Up
Team of the Tournament – Euro Cup 2016
Team of the Tournament- European Championship 2016
Wandsworth Demons- Rest of the World Player of the Year 2016
Irish Banshees Vice Captain 2016

Other Sporting Honours:
Cork County Camogie and Football Championships with Rockban Club.
North American County Camogie Championship with Toronto Camogie Club.
London County Football Championship with Fulham Ladies Gaelic Football Club.
Giles Cup All Ireland University Football Championship with Waterford Institute of Technology.
Captain of the Ladies Gaelic Football Team- Waterford Institute of Technology.

Preferred Guernsey Number: 10