Name: Sarah O’Donovan
Nickname:  Sar
Clubs: UCC Crusaders
 Favourite Position:-  Anywhere in the Back line
AFL Honours:-
Captain of UCC Crusaders 2016/17
Winning the Fitzpatrick Cup in 2017
Other Sporting Honours:-
All Ireland College Finalists in Division One Ladies Rugby
First place in Lee Swim 2014 (18-24 wetsuit)
Preferred Guernsey Number:- 4
Q. How long have you been playing AFL and how did you get involved in Aussie Rules?
A.I only started Aussie Rules last October so only 6 months
Q. What aspect of Aussie Rules attracted you to the game?
A.The physicality of the sport along with the athleticism.
 Q. What are you looking forward to most about IC’17
A.I am most looking forward to the experience of a International Cup and training most days.
Q. What preparation work are you currently doing in advance of the tournament.
A.I am doing strength and speed training in the gym 3 times a week along with practicing some ball skills outside.
 Q. What is your stand out moment in your AFL career to date?
A.Was when Irish Manager Pat Leavy rang me and told me i was picked for the IC to represent Ireland, I was completely shocked.
Q. As this will be your first IC, what are you looking forward to most?
A.The team atmosphere. Being with the girls for almost a month and preparing together for the tournament.
Q. Who has been your toughest component on the footy field, and why?
A. Marie Keating. She is not only my coach but the strength she goes to every ball with and her knowledge of the game is something I strive towards.
Q. What other sports do you play and how do they compliment AFL?
A.I play Rugby and recently in the last month starting Gaelic Football. Rugby helps with the physicality of the sport and being able to make the tackles. Gaelic Football is teaching me about reading the ball and spacing.