Name:Muiris Bartley
Age: 24

NickName(s):- Biebs

Clubs:-Leeside Lions

Favourite AFL Position:- Forward

AFL Honours:3 x EuroCup winner,  1 x AFL Europe Championship winner,  1 x AFL Europe Championship runner up,  1x AFL International Cup runner up
Other Sporting Honours: Cork football representation, 2 x Munster champion, Munster rugby representation. Number 1 supporter of the hurling banter page. Met Packie Bonner.
Preferred Guernsey Number: Fore foure fou …4

Favourite AFL Player: Nic Nat, Nat Fyffe, Buff Egan.

Favourite Inspirational Quote: shucky ducky quack quack

If you could magically pick the attributes of any AFL Players what would they be? Super strength, Lightning pace and the ability to jump over the moon
Q. How long have you been playing AFL and how did you get involved in Aussie Rules?

A. 5 years, Irish footy legend Cian Ó Coigligh taught me in school saw my natural ability and pestered me until I went training.
Q. What aspect of Aussie Rules attracted you to the game?

A. Physicality and athlecisim.

Q. What are you looking forward to most about IC’17?

A. The whole event as a sporting spectacle, I cant wait to drink it in maaaan.

Q. What preparation work are you currently doing in advance of IC17?

A. Training like mad, I’ve natural ability but hard working mentality… You cant teach that.
Q. What is your stand out moment in your AFL career to date?

A. Being able to represent Ireland each year since I started playing and starting in the final of IC14 in the MCG.

Q. Who has been your toughest component on the footy pitch.and why?

A. Eoin O Suilleabhán, He doesn’t shut up my head would be ringing by the end of the game. He should be sentenced to deletion… DELETE DELETE DELETE.
Q. What other sports do you play and how do they compliment AFL?

A. Gaelic football, Catching and kicking amd movement off the ball, rugby, tackling and shepparding.